I grew up in a small town in Texas where it seemed me and my family knew everyone. I was outgoing and always had friends around. My brother and I had chores, loved horses, rode our bikes all over town, swam at the local pool and ate watermelon in the summer...

I remember my mom letting me pick out carpet, furniture, barstools and linoleum for a home we were remodeling when I was about 14 years old. Before then, I had decorated my own room more than once. I still have a hard time believing that she "turned me loose"! However, I am truly grateful for the opportunities that I had to add my ideas to our family projects...

I truly love decorating spaces and have a knack for using new and old items together to help give a space character while using even a small budget. And because I get tremendous pleasure from helping others with their room makeovers, I decided to start a business and just go for it!

Another dream of mine is to help others less fortunate. I was inspired several years ago while watching an afternoon talk show that a certain famous woman had for many years. She was traveling in Africa and while touring a small hut, pointed to the tattered fabric hanging across the tiny window and remarked how we all seem to do even the smallest thing to make a house a home...so, I want to help that less fortunate someone hang something even in the tiniest window so their space too, feels like home. Watch my site for more about how I plan to do this in the future...


oh yeah, did I mention yellow and green are my favorite colors...they make me smile!

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